1. 1950s playing cards

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    Illustrating the clarity of the water at Silver Springs… Literally.

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    Abbotsford House’s library.

    Abbotsford is the house built and lived in by Sir Walter Scott, the  19th century novelist.

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  6. Amen Doris Day!

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    Silver Springs, Florida

    Timucuan Indians settled around Silver Springs in the early 1500s. They were soon invaded by the Spaniards and eventually succeeded by Seminole Indians. The Seminoles, led by Chief Osceola, eventually retreated to southern swamps when pressed by the US Government in 1835. By the 1850’s, barges carried cotton, lumber and nonperishables up the river to the growing community of Ocala. 

    Paddlewheel steamboats made their way up the Silver River to the main spring and in the 1880s railroad cars began bringing even 
    more tourists. Silver Springs and the Silver River have been tourist attractions ever since. In addition, the spring’s crystalline water has provided the perfect underwater backdrop for many Hollywood films and television programs including six Tarzan films, Seahunt, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, The Discovery Channel and many others.

    Silver Springs, will become a state park in October, following $4 million in changes that will remove exotic animals and amusement rides.
    Its famous glass-bottom boat rides, which started there in 1878, and the popular concert series will remain, but several exhibits and structures will be dismantled to convert the attraction into a more natural park. The park will remain open during the transition.

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  8. Friendship | Anything Goes

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    Laura Osnes stretches in her beautiful gown before performing “It’s De-Lovely” in Anything Goes

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    "He loves me, he loves me not….he loves me"

    This is a piece I did for my thesis and zine, titled Love Thy Self. It is a series of sketches for my body-positive zine and this is the centerfold. It was not meant to be a portrait of my boyfriend and I but I realized when I was finished sketching it, that it was us. I am very proud of this. Not because it’s the best drawing or painting that I’ve done, but it made me realize something that I didn’t know I was repressing. My boyfriend is thin and athletic and I’m the complete opposite. When we first starting dating, I was in constant fear that he would be grossed out by my body and dump me. I dreaded the day when and if he would ever see me without clothes on. I figured he would really be disgusted by me then. But he wasn’t and he isn’t. I find that even now that we are an official couple, I still fear that he doesn’t like the way I look. I know he does or else he wouldn’t be with me. I know he loves me for who I am and how I look. He has inspired me to create, work hard, and live life with no regrets. That’s something I’m working on, but being with him makes life so much better.

    Sorry for the lengthy details. Here’s the official statement for the painting for when I was going to submit it to an upcoming show at school:

    "For a long time, most of my life, I’ve been insecure about my weight. So I decided that for my thesis, I would do a body-positive theme. It is not only therapeutic for me, but I hope it is for others as well. This piece is part of my thesis and was inspired by my boyfriend. When we first started to date, I was always nervous that he would dump me because of my weight. I was nervous because he’s thin and athletic and I’m the complete opposite. I know that he doesn’t care about that and I know he think I’m beautiful but even to this day I still get scared. This piece was not meant to be a portrait of he and I but when I finished the sketch I realized that this was one of the first moments when I knew my weight didn’t matter to him. It was just a simple thing but it had an impact. He loves me and I couldn’t be happier. He inspires me and my work always has a bit of him in it. When I doubt myself and the way I look, he helps me through it.